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plant1A spacious, efficient warehouse with a storage capacity for approximately 2,000,000 pounds of finished products adjoins the manufacturing facility..

IndusCo, Ltd. was incorporated in 1981 as an outgrowth of the Industrial and Cleaning Chemical Division (formed in 1975) of Tritex Chemical Corporation.  Joe Mason is the founder and president of IndusCo, Ltd.  IndusCo, Ltd is ISO 9001-2008 compliant.  IndusCo, Ltd. is veteran owned and all chemicals are manufactured in the United States.

Since its inception, IndusCo, Ltd. has enjoyed rapid sustained growth of approximately 4000% over the last thirty years.  IndusCo, Ltd. manufactures in its Greensboro, North Carolina facility which is certified ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturing site.

IndusCo, Ltd. manufactures over 350 different specialty chemicals, cleaning products and textile products covering an extremely wide range of uses, such as janitorial and cleaning products (including cleaners, degreasers, hand soaps, disinfectants, spray and wipe cleaners, glass and window cleaners, dish washing liquids, laundry detergents, enzymes, solvent cleaners, automotive and truck products, defoamers, carpet antistats, carpet cleaners, air fresheners, floor finishes, sealers, wax strippers, and floor finish restorers), textile dyeing and finishing auxiliary chemicals, (including softeners, leveling agents, scours, anti-stats, dye fixatives, optical brighteners, bleach stabilizers, sequestering agents, lubricants, defoamers, finishing chemicals, detergents, carriers, reducing chemicals, wetting agents and machine cleaners), personal care products (such as hair shampoo, hair conditioners, hand soap, etc), boiler treatment chemicals, and agricultural products.  Private Label manufacturing constitutes a sizable portion of IndusCo’s business.

We guarantee quality products by following strict manufacturing and quality control procedures.  Incoming raw materials are tested, monitored, and computerized batch formulation sheets triple checked during production.  All raw materials are carefully weighed and all finished products thoroughly scrutinized for quality control before packaging.  All products are shipped consistently the same, batch after batch.

IndusCo’s production could easily be tripled with the presently available equipment and by utilizing a three shift operation. Enough land is owned to increase the plant to over three times its present size. Substantial growth represents easily attainable opportunities.

The sophistication of IndusCo far exceeds expectations typically associated with companies much larger.  Sara Lee Corporation’s 1991 Survey, evaluated IndusCo as meeting Sara Lee’s expectations as a “World Class Supplier”. Their evaluation team commented that they were extremely impressed with the overall organization of our company even when compared to companies many times our size. In 1999, IndusCo received the highest score given to a Dye and/or Chemical Supplier to date by the Guilford Mills Certified Supplier Audit.

The experience of IndusCo’s management and technical team is extensive.

joe-headshot-150x150The President, Joe Mason, is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a B.S. in chemistry.  Mr. Mason has over forty years of chemical formulating and manufacturing experience.  He served in the U.S. Coast Guard where he regulated  bulk chemical and petroleum transportation on the Ohio and Kanawho rivers.  Mr. Mason worked for National Spinning Co.  where he set up a laboratory to monitor over a million gallons of waste process water per day into the Pamlico River, protecting the environment.  Joe Mason became a partner at Tritex Chemical Corporation, a manufacturer of textile chemicals.  In 1981, Mr. Mason took the cleaning and industrial chemical  division of Tritex Chemical and formed IndusCo, Ltd.  He has been the President of IndusCo, Ltd., a specialty chemical manufacturer, for over 30 years.  IndusCo has grown  over 4000% through these years and continues to be a strong viable company.

Our manufacturing personnel are highly qualified and have varied experience in other chemical specialty manufacturing plants.

IndusCo is extremely customer service oriented. In this time of acquisitions, mergers, and buyouts, indifference to the customer’s needs is all but an accepted practice in most instances. IndusCo is almost an anachronism in this regard because here the customer always comes first. Our service is unparalleled in the chemical industry. Just In Time Delivery becomes an actual viable concept with our prompt shipping policies. The concepts of top quality products at excellent money value combined with excelled service and technical assistance has enabled IndusCo to sustain excellent growth through both good and bad economic periods.

IndusCo, Ltd’s facility is constructed especially for chemical manufacturing providing an exceptionally clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly facility. The Manufacturing Plant contains twenty-two stainless steel reactors and blending vessels ranging from 200 gallon to 4,250-gallon capacities. Our 2,500-gallon reactor has the capability of internal pressure up to 1,000 psi. Large boiler capacity provides sufficient thermal energy to support high volume reactions and high temperature blending.

Computer controlled, bottling lines allow rapid filling of all viscosities and foam levels into bottles of multiple shapes and sizes. Less automated units are available for filling smaller orders.

Constant Research and Development provides a never-ending array of new, innovative products, and assures that our customers will be supplied with the very best available technology in products. All products must pass rigid quality control testing before packaging begins.

Competitive products are also continuously analyzed so that performance or chemical matches may be formulated. IndusCo, Ltd. lead the chemical industry in green initiatives before green became the industry buzzword.  Thirty years ago, IndusCo, Ltd formulated a more environmentally friendly, non-solvent machine cleaner that worked effectively. Performance and value with minimal environmental impact and personnel hazards still remain foremost in IndusCo, Ltd.’s concerns for new product formulations.

Separate Receiving and Shipping docks, each located strategically for its specific purpose, insure a smooth and efficient flow of raw materials and finished products.

Products are palletized and stretch wrapped to insure intact and clean delivery.

UPS online computer equipment enables IndusCo, Ltd. to serve as a capable and efficient fulfillment center in addition to manufacturing and packaging for its customers.

All order entries, bills of lading, invoicing, production batch sheets, raw material and finished product inventory as well as customer information is managed by computers utilizing special chemical manufacturing software developed over a thirty year period.