About IndusCo

Day in and day out, our revolutionary technology works so you don’t have to. To remain globally competitive, you must adopt safe, efficacious and cost-effective solutions you can rely on.

Solving your challenges is our business.

We succeed by marrying our knowledge of chemistry, biology and materials science. Our engineers can then develop advanced technologies based in a deep-rooted commitment to provide environmentally friendly technology that works in the most challenging environments. We follow strict manufacturing and quality control procedures, so we can guarantee quality products the first time, every time.

Our guiding principles have always been quality, research and development, customer service and unwavering integrity.

IndusCo is dedicated to the achievement of 100% customer satisfaction by continuously improving all processes and products in order to provide our customers with the safest, most environmentally friendly, best performing, and most technologically advanced products available at an outstanding competitive value.

Through efficient, high quality manufacturing, a strong technical support staff, and excellent customer service, IndusCo is focused on exceeding your expectations today and the future. We partner with you to prevent problems before they start to proactively provide you with peace of mind.