Spray or wipe on counters, tables, shipping crates…
ANY surface needing to be safe and clean.

Prevent problems and damaging microbial growth before they start.


To create a safe and healthy environment spray, wipe, or immerse counters, tables, shipping crates, practically any surface with our antimicrobial biostatic surface protectant, BioShield®75.

BioShield®75 molecularly bonds to almost any surface and protection begins immediately. When microorganisms contact this colorless, odorless, long lasting antimicrobial technology, there is a disruption of the cellular function, resulting in cell death.

BioShield®75 molecularly bonds to almost any surface, providing durable antimicrobial protection.

  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial technology

BioShield®75 is the

“Only surface treatment that has worked in 10 years of testing different technologies.”

Former Director of Global Food Safety PhD, Cargill

How It Works

Unlike other antimicrobials which rely on heavy metals to poison the cell, BioShield®75 uses a physical mechanism to disrupt cellular function. This mode of action eliminates the risk that bacteria will develop antimicrobial resistance.

BioShield®75 can be applied to any clean dry surface by spraying, wiping or soaking.

Once dry it forms a co-polymer bond with the surface forming a protective micro biostatic layer of spikes which have a positively charged nitrogen ion down the spike.

Microorganisms are attracted to the positively charged nitrogen ion and efficacy occurs through disruption of normal cellular function.
Since this is a physical rupture of the cell wall, the microorganism cannot mutate or develop antimicrobial resistance.



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PROVEN: Inhibits mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria.

SAFE: Non-toxic, no heavy metals, no harsh chemicals.

APPROVED: The ONLY EPA registered product of its kind with food contact approval.

DURABLE: Cleans and actively protects porous and non-porous surfaces, between cleanings.

PROTECTS: Against deterioration, discoloration and odors caused by microbes on treated surfaces.